The Lido Referral Program

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Spread the benefits of Ethereum staking

We’re excited to present to you the Lido referral program.

A staking initiative designed to incentivise more people to stake Ethereum, growing TVL, and further distribute the supply of LDO tokens to people that help promote the benefits of stETH.

Earn 15 LDO for every ETH staked using your unique Lido referral link. Before you get started please carefully read the Referral Program conditions. Get started here.


Lido’s referral program lets you earn LDO for spreading the values of staking Ethereum with Lido. Simply connect your wallet on to generate a unique Lido URL. Share this, get people staking and earn LDO for every ETH staked using your referral link.

Through Lido’s referral program, you can contribute to the decentralisation and security of the Ethereum network through incentivising users to stake with a distributed validator set. The goal of Lido is to contribute to the security and decentralisation of Ethereum through streamlined and integrated staking, making staking through a distributed validator set as simple and secure as possible.

Our referral program is intended to further spread the values of Lido and Ethereum, making Ethereum as secure a network as possible.

How does Lido’s referral program work?

Our referral program is easy to use and designed to benefit everyone: builders, content creators, wallets, protocols, exchanges and information sites. Anyone can get started in just a few clicks.
Please also read Referral Program conditions for the details.

1. Connect your wallet for a unique link

Connect your wallet to generate a referral link which you can share with friends, family and followers to earn commission.

2. Invite friends to stake

Every time a user stakes with Lido using your link, you receive 15 LDO per 1 ETH staked. Rewards are tracked in real-time, viewable on the referral page.

3. Claim your rewards

Claim your rewards effortlessly at the click of a button. Rewards are distributed and can be claimed 2 weeks after the initial referral period using DeversiFi - an Ethereum L2 exchange.


Abuse Warning 🛑

Cycle staking and re-staking liquidity from curve pool won't be rewarded!

Cycle staking is when a user sends ETH through Lido using a referral link,  only to sell their stETH later for more ETH in order to repeat the whole process again. Staked ETH can not be used to get rewards again and again, and again...

Withdrawing ETH from the Curve pool is not going to be rewarded (as it's not helping to grow TVL).

How can I claim my rewards?

Claiming your referral rewards is simple! Lido works with DeversiFi to allow you to claim your referral rewards seamlessly and without excessive gas fees.

  1. Head to DeversiFi and connect your wallet in the top right corner.
  2. Press ‘Create account’ via the pop-up menu and confirm the operation.
  3. In the DeversiFi interface you will now see the funds available to be claimed.

See the detailed guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many rewards do I get when someone stakes with my link?

You receive 15 LDO for every 1 ETH staked with your referral link. If a referee stakes 10 ETH with your link, you receive 150 LDO. The minimum stake needed to earn a reward is 1 ETH.

2. How often are rewards paid out?

Every two weeks from the start date of the program, rewards will be transferred to a dedicated DeversiFi account from which you can claim your rewards.

3. How do I claim my referral rewards?

Rewards will be automatically transferred to the referrer's connected DeversiFi wallet every two weeks starting from the start date of the referral program. Simply visit DeversiFi, connect your wallet and claim your rewards.

4. Is there a minimum amount needed for rewards?

The minimum amount needed to be staked to earn a reward is 1 ETH.

5. What if bots try to game the referral program to take all the LDO rewards?

The referral program is actively managed and will adjust rewards if abusive behavior occurs.



Stake your ETH with Lido to earn daily rewards with full control of your tokens. Visit to get started.